About Us

Charlotte Darlington

Charlotte began her career running a live events company based in Cardiff, Wales. Whilst running a range of events across the city, Charlotte discovered a love of photography, developing her unique style and creative flair taking photographs of concerts, club nights and corporate events.

What began as a hobby has blossomed into a passion that is the driving force behind Charlotte’s successful photography career.
Charlotte’s dedicated professionalism and keen eye combined with a friendly manner and fun personality have enabled her to shoot for an range of clients in the events sector, as well as having the privilege to work alongside the award winning wedding photographer Nikki Kirk.

Follow Charlotte on Instagram: @cd_photography_dslr

Sally Darlington
Sally is the latest addition to the CDPhotography team. Sally worked as a high-flying PA before turning her hand to child-minding; a job which she continued for the following 25 years to be at home for her children.
Sally has been a stoic supporter of Charlotte and her work, lending her talents as PA for CDPhotography.
Sally is a warm, hard-working individual who provides a positive influence within our team.
For any queries get in touch: sally@cdphotography.org


Melody is our company mascot and family dog! Melody is extremely mature considering she is only 1 and a half years old; this is largely due to the influence of Coco, her mother figure and companion throughout the start of her life. Melody is very photogenic and loves posing for the camera; great practice for Charlotte!
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In Loving Memory Of Coco: 2005-2018